Seyahan Saves Sea Turtles!

Seyahan has partnered up with the South Carolina Aquarium to raise funds for their Turtle Recovery Center. 75% of the Bella Sea Turtle Necklace profit will go to the center which aids in the recovery and care of individual sea turtles that have been found sick or injured.

The Turtle Recovery Center offers an impressive level of care to these animals, which sometimes includes surgery. Considering the unique anatomy of a turtle, it's not hard to imagine how specialized such an operation would be!

We love the transparency of the center's and the ability to check up on individual turtles. Patients like Bella undergo specialized treatment until they are at least ready to be released back into the ocean. Turtles are precious members of our ocean ecosystems, and the South Carolina Aquarium is a valuable part of our coastal community. We are so proud to help them get the word out about their program, while also raising funds.