Our Story

Seyahan [sɛja̟han] - from Ottoman
1. One that travels
2. Water´s flowing on the earth
3. A shadow´s turning with the sun


Born in Istanbul, Seyahan offers timeless yet stylish jewelry collections inspired by its Old World origins.

Seyahan was started in 2012 by couple Matthias Weimer and Laura Parker, while they were living in Istanbul, where they first met. Matthias had wanted to create a business that would showcase the work of silver and gold craftsmanship in Turkey, while Laura had aimed to find work in the fashion sector. They met through their Turkish teacher, began collaborating and very soon after, fell in love. Over the years, they've traveled Turkey extensively in search of great craftsmanship and partner artisans, culminating into several storefronts in Istanbul and southern Turkey.

Today, they have a boutique in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, where they continue to be inspired by the city’s charm and beauty. Laura and Matthias continue to spend regular time in Turkey, refining designs and curating new collections, alongside their partner artisans.


The Founders

Laura and Matthias



Seyahan Jewelry's own boutique is located in the French Quarter of beautiful Charleston, South Carolina at the following address:

57 Broad Street

Charleston, SC 29401