About Us


Seyahan Jewelry is handcrafted by highly-skilled artisans using traditional techniques which have existed for centuries. As a company we pride ourselves with working one on one with artisans on a sustainable basis, striving to maintain a consistent quality level. We value transparency and respect in our work flow. Our partners include master craftsmen, family-operated workshops, and two women's cooperatives, all located in various regions of Turkey.



Seyahan Jewelry was made for people who appreciate craftsmanship and quality. It is made to enhance your state of mind and add an oriental yet refined touch to your wardrobe. Our designs are made to exude a sense of know-how, intelligence and effortlessness.


The Founders

Laura Parker and Matthias Weimer

Seyahan is owned by American-German couple Laura Parker and Matthias Weimer and was started by Matthias in 2010. Matthias, an entrepreneur and traveler at heart, had slowly built a network of contacts as he traveled through Turkey for exploration and adventure. He opened a shop in a hidden passage off the main shopping street in Istanbul where he could showcase the handcrafted jewelry he had found during his travels. Laura joined him in 2012. She had studied Risk Management but had always been intrigued by fashion and its importance for a society and for the individual. She brought to Seyahan an eye for design and styling possibilities. In 2017 they opened their shop in Charleston, SC and brought the collections from Anatolia to the US.

Born and raised in rural regions of the U.S and Germany, Laura and Matthias feel a deep connection to Turkey. While they enjoy he liveliness of the big city of Istanbul, they are also drawn to the beautiful landscapes of Turkey’s Anatolian region and the hospitality and friendliness of its people. Having their own business has allowed them to feel part of the fabric of the country.


Seyahan Jewelry's own boutique is located in the French Quarter of beautiful Charleston, South Carolina at the following address:

57 Broad Street

Charleston, SC 29401