Dark Deniz Knot Bracelet

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Deniz is Turkish for "sea," and this bracelet exemplifies the practical simplicity of nautical aesthetic. The Deniz Knot bracelet is composed of two pieces, looped into each other. The construction is typical of the rest of our Black Sea Collection, consisting of pure coiled silver wire woven as one would weave thread into textile.

  • pure silver (99.99% silver wire)
  • 925 silver clasp
  • sourced in the Black Sea region of Turkey


Fits wrist size
Small 5.5 - 6 inches (14-15 cm)
6 - 6.5 inches (15 - 16.5 cm)
Large 6.5 inches and above (>16.5 cm)

Since every wrist is unique, if you are unsure what size to choose, please choose "not sure", we will then reach out to you about the right size choice before shipping the product (check also your spam folder).

In any case, if the bracelet doesn't fit, we offer free returns and will make sure to find the right size for you.